Try our profitability calculator and see for yourself how your additional revenue can be increased thanks to happyhotel

How to use the profitability calculator

  1. Number of rooms: Here you enter the number of rooms in your hotel. This is important so that we can determine the costs for happyhotel.
  2. Monthly room revenue: Next you enter your average monthly room revenue.
  3. Turnover increase: Now comes the most important step. See for yourself how you can influence your total monthly revenue through dynamic pricing. On average, you will achieve 15% more revenue with revenue management and the use of happyhotel. Take a look at your monthly revenue and see what you can achieve with only 5% more revenue.

These data will be displayed

  1. Monthly costs: We give you an honest overview of your total monthly costs with happyhotel. These costs are based on your room count.
  2. Setup costs: We have no hidden costs such as setup fees. You start for free and don’t have to pay any additional costs.
  3. Monthly additional revenue: The most important number is certainly the monthly additional revenue. This figure changes depending on the percentage of your sales increase.
  4. Turnover threshold: Based on the turnover threshold, you can see from what percentage happyhotel already pays for itself and the costs are at least covered.  

Advantages of happyhotel

With happyhotel you have a revenue management software that optimizes your revenue with the help of artificial intelligence.

  • Time saving 100%
  • Increased turnover 15%
  • Forecasting 100%

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