Link Protel with happyhotel for successful revenue management

Create a happyhotel account and choose Protel on Premise or Protel Air as your property management system. We will then inform you about the next steps regarding the interface integration and how you can do your revenue management with Protel and happyhotel.

If you already have a happyhotel account, go to Settings > Integrations > Protel > Connect Now and send us a message that you want to link happyhotel with Protel. Thereafter we will contact you to discuss further details of the integration.

Link protel to happyhotel on the integration site to do your revenue management

As soon as happyhotel has your Protel data, you can easily manage your prices with happyhotel and import the price suggestions from happyhotel directly back into your PMS system.

Technical Requirements

For the integration of happyhotel to Protel you need the Protel I/O interface. Though, if you already have the Protel I/O interface installed, we can connect happyhotel directly. The Protel I/O support will create a new instance for happyhotel and the integration can start.

Accordingly, if you don’t have the Protel I/O interface yet, you should check if your system meets the following requirements, as they are necessary for the Protel I/O interface:

  •     Windows 10 or higher, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 or higher
  •     TLS 1.2 security protocol

If you are unsure about the compatibility of your systems, please contact your IT administrator via Protel Support ( or our Support ( We will be happy to help you integrate Protel with happyhotel.

Successful revenue management with Protel and happyhotel

The adjusted prices in happyhotel are transferred directly to Protel with the Protel Daily Rates and are immediately available for the front office. By using happyhotel with Protel you have the right price for every day and can therefore increase your revenue.
In effect, with happyhotel you can also analyze your hotel’s key KPIs to take strategic and operational actions.

Protel: revenue and price management

What is Protel I/O?

Protel I/O simplifies the integration process from different tools and systems to Protel.
For that reason, it ensures a better data exchange between Protel and for example happyhotel.

What is Protel?

Protel has been on the market with its Property Management System for over 25 years and is therefore one of the leading providers in this field. In total Protel has 14 000 customers all over the world.

Need help with integration?

Contact our support! We are especially happy to support you with the integration and help you free of charge.

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