Especially in economically difficult times, hoteliers have to take measures to secure and increase the success of the business. Today we show you how important hotel controlling is.

What does hotel controlling actually mean and why should you care about it?

Hotel controlling is an instrument used to monitor and control the results and performances of hotels. The aim is to improve the efficiency and profitability of hotels. Hotel controlling includes the following areas, among others:

  • Accounting
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Revenue Management

Fit for the future with hotel controlling

Within the next few years, hotel controlling will continue to gain in importance. The reason for this is the increasing importance of online booking platforms and other online booking options, which have an enormous impact on the profitability of hotels.

At the same time, the increasing integration of hotel and booking portals as well as social media platforms makes it more and more difficult for hoteliers to process and evaluate the multitude of data. However, this is necessary to achieve an optimal result.

online booking possibilties

What are the possibilities in hotel controlling today?

In addition to the classic methods of controlling, which are very time-consuming, artificial intelligence is also finding more and more areas of application controlling. The classic methods include, for example, the use of Excel to monitor your costs, make calculations and identify potential savings.

Today, artificial intelligence makes it possible to automate hotel processes and thus save time and costs. For example, this processes guest bookings and reserves rooms automatically. Artificial intelligence also collects data on the behaviour of guests. Certainly, this makes it possible to adapt the offers in the hotel even better to the needs of the guests.

Use the potential of artificial intelligence for your room rate optimisation

Artificial intelligence is particularly important in the area of predictive analytics. By analysing data, it is possible to predict how booking numbers will develop. This allows the software to adjust your room rates on a daily basis.

The advantages of artificial intelligence in room rate optimisation:

✓ Automated, so no time is needed.

✓ Recognises trends and deviations quickly and reacts accordingly

✓ Maximum profitability through a multitude of data enhancements


How to revolutionise your hotel revenue

With our AI-supported software happyhotel, you always have all important key figures and data in view. It supports you optimally in determining your ideal room rate at any time and changes it independently.

In addition, our software is intuitive to use and can be adapted to your individual needs.

The advantages of happyhotel at a glance:

✓ Up to 25% increase in turnover

✓ Clear data evaluation

✓ Fully automated room rate optimisation

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