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Use the revenue management tool & increase your revenue up to 25%.

Use the revenue management tool & increase your revenue up to 25%.

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How do I optimise my room rates?

So far, there is no generally valid magic formula for determining the prices of a hotel. Especially for medium-sized hotels, price optimisation is often neglected and prices have been in place for several years. Reasons to optimise prices are mostly the competition of surrounding hotels, which influence the price battle. Other strategic orientations are usually completely missing. Yet there is so much to consider!

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Price optimisation starts with the analysis of your data. You have to recognise in time to raise your price or to reduce the price. happyhotel helps you to work with dynamic prices.

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What do optimised prices do for you?

Dynamic prices help to increase turnover. Many hotels do not adjust their prices because they are afraid of offering room prices that are too low or too high. At the same time, they fear missing out on potential turnover. For example, on a less busy day, it may be better to lower the price to increase occupancy. Short-term, spontaneous travellers often pay more because occupancy determines the price. If a region is very busy because of a trade show, for example, it is a good idea to raise the price accordingly. The hotel perceives that the occupancy rate is high and the guests are willing to pay a higher price.

Optimisation for more turnover!
Hotels should not miss the opportunity of price optimisation and react in time. With happyhotel you can do this comfortably and easily.

Price optimisation on public holidays

Further optimisations and alignments to public holidays, trade fair days or special promotions are just as easy to implement, but it often doesn’t get that far. However, the goal should be to work with dynamic prices and to align prices with demand and thus generate more turnover.

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Afraid of low prices?

Of course, the hotelier should be aware of what his low price is. However, the decision should not simply come from the gut, but should be calculated and consciously planned. Because if a room price is too low, he can address a completely different target group, which can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. It should also not be forgotten that if a guest becomes a regular guest, he or she will stay at the hotel more often and this guest will automatically leave more revenue for the next bookings.

If the product is good, the guest is happy to pay for it.

Price optimisation – leads to more success & profit

Far too often, optimal price alignment is done far too infrequently. The biggest problem is usually that the hotelier does not know what to orientate himself to. Is it only the competition or do you actually have to look at whether a change in the room rate is also economical for your own business? The cornerstone of any change is the budget, i.e. what do I want to achieve and what costs do I actually have in my business. If these turnovers, profits and costs have been sensibly determined, the calculation can begin.

Data for evaluation
For this, you need data such as capacity utilisation, double occupancy factor, the BWA, variable costs and fixed costs.

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Obtain prices in advance

Above all, it is important to predict the prices! Because it is no use for hotels to know afterwards that they could have charged more or that the occupancy rate was too low. happyhotel recognises early on when the price can be changed. Based on these figures, the hotel software happyhotel automatically calculates the optimal room rate per category in advance! Now the hotelier or revenue manager can compare his current room rates with the optimal room rates. He can put them in relation to the prices of the competition and then adjust them if necessary.

Better predictability
With happyhotel you already know your prices months in advance!

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Data-based predictions adapted to your hotel and your needs!

What do I need for price optimisation?

To analyse your prices with happyhotel you only need a few data:

  • Budgeting including turnover, profits and costs
  • Budgeting including turnover, profits and costs
  • Occupancy and double occupancy factor
  • Variable costs and fixed costs

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Analyse your PMS data

The hotelier searches for the necessary data and enters it into his account at happyhotel. He can enter special events like fairs, conferences or events into his calendar and can work with this price calendar. The calendar gives price recommendations and helps hotels to make statements and prices for future months.

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