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Daily updates
Pickup- & occupancy reports
Overview of key figures
Turnover, RevPar, ADR, occupancy, occupancy rate & pickup
Room category, market segment & booking channel
Comparative analyses with previous periods

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5 per room / per month

Inclusive tariff “Analysis Help”
2-hour updates
Revenue Management Recommended Prices
Turnover & occupancy forecasts
Machine Learning Algorithms
Dynamic price
Automated price transmission to the PMS
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Price on request

Inclusive tariff “Revenue Profi
Multi Property for several houses or hotel chains

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Minimum term 1 year.

For annual payment, the minimum amount is 150€ or 30 rooms per month.
For a monthly payment, the minimum amount is 195€ or 30 rooms per month.

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Mit happyhotel habe ich zum erstenmal das Gefühl meine Zahlen und Preise im Griff zu haben. Danke happyhotel! Macht weiter so!

Claus Kuhnhardt
Claus Kuhnhardt

happyhotel allows me to get an overview from everywhere. Keep up the good work! Thanks a lot.

Michael Hummel
Michael Hummel

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I synchronise my data from PMS with happyhotel?

Our goal is to start analyzing the data of your PMS system in a few minutes.
With our interface/ integration team we support you free of charge.
Here you can find our PMS interfaces, with which we are currently working.

How does happyhotel optimise the prices?

We calculate prices using the following metrics:
– Turnover
– Workload
– Events and activities
– booking curve
– Booking behavior and market demand
Thereupon happyhotel drafts a price suggestion, which can be simply confirmed and is then transferred to the PMS.

You do not understand a function?

If you are simply not sure whether you have entered your data correctly or if there are any uncertainties with the result, we are happy to help you. Do not hesitate and contact us quickly.

Du benötigst happyhotel nicht mehr?

If you want to cancel your subscription to happyhotel, send us your cancellation in due time. You have the possibility to cancel monthly (monthly subscription) or yearly (yearly subscription) and are therefore flexible.

Where is my data?

Our servers are exclusively in Germany and are maintained by our team.

Who started ich happyhotel?

After your registration we will guide you through the software and tell you what you need to do to fully use happyhotel.

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