Jörg Textor has said goodbye to the classic reservation book. He now works in his country estate hotel Burgblick with the hotel software ibelsa and the revenue management happyhotel.

The Hotel Burgblick is a personally managed hotel in Bad Kreuznach and impresses among other things with its ambience and its panoramic view to the Rotenfels and the Ebernburg. The hotel has 21 rooms and is very popular with hikers. Due to its perfect location, it serves as an ideal starting point for hikes and walks.

Manage reservations, plan occupancy and customer management, manage invoices and adjust prices automatically. With ibelsa and happyhotel, their reception is completely digital.

For many years, Hotel Burgblick worked with the classic reservation book. To make work easier and because the price-performance ratio seemed worthwhile, the Textor family decided to use ibelsa. It gave the impression of a young, dynamic company that is constantly improving. The clarity of the program makes work easier.

In addition to ibelsa, the Textor family decided to work with happyhotel in the area of revenue management. This offers an optimization of the pricing. Prices are automatically adjusted by algorithms without any effort. Prices that Mr. Textor would never have dared to offer before, with a higher rate of up to 100 percent. This not only saves a lot of time, because you don’t have to calculate and plan yourself. The clear presentation and automated analysis report make everyday life as a hotelier much easier. A particularly big plus point is that Mr. Textor was able to increase his turnover by up to 20 percent by using happyhotel and at the same time reduced personnel costs.

Mr. Textor sees the big advantage in using the cloud-based applications quite clearly in the fact that they can be used from any location, since all that is needed is Internet access, and thus remote work is possible. Of course, a stable Internet connection is necessary. Setting up and getting used to the PMS are intensive, but after familiarization they make work much easier.

Jörg Textor

Owner and manager of the Hotel Burgblick

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