The traditional Hotel Hanauer Hof stands for southern German hospitality and family charm. Located in the heart of southwest Germany.

Please introduce yourself briefly and tell us what makes your hotel or hosting role special.
My name is Patrick Ernst and I am the managing director of the Hotel Hanauer Hof in Appenweier. Our hotel stands for family hospitality since 1904 in the Ortenau.

Did you or how did you do revenue management before you switched to happyhotel?
We worked with three seasonal rates before we started working with happyhotel. We did not make the price increases/price reductions within these three rates on a daily basis, but once a year we maintained the three rates in the system according to planned events and seasons and always made price reductions/price increases according to the occupancy.

How does happyhotel make your everyday life easier?
happyhotel facilitates our yielding enormously, because automatically in case of changes in occupancy and price comparison of competitors, the prices are adjusted in real time in the system to achieve the best possible price for us. happyhotel does not only look at our occupancy, but also at the general demand in the region.

Which feature do you like best? 
The analysis tool from happyhotel allows us to analyze occupancy, RevPar, revenue, and much more in detail compared to past months/years, providing the data we need to react to changes and trends in a timely manner. This feature is therefore very helpful for us.

What does the dynamic pricing process look like NOW for you guys?
We get dynamic price suggestions from happyhotel and can then use them.

How has your average workday changed since integrating happyhotel?
Since the integration of happyhotel we save a lot of time for the price calculations/yielding, because these are taken over by happyhotel!

What is the best thing about happyhotel? Which feature saves you the most time?
The analytics tool to keep track of all KPIs and provide accurate analysis of utilization, RevPar, revenue and more.

Have you already made a recognizable additional turnover and if so, by what percentage have you been able to increase your turnover through happyhotel?
Definitely! We were able to increase our turnover by €5 per booking thanks to happyhotel.

What are your personal tips for future happyhotel users?
To work intensively with the analysis of happyhotel and then to receive more sales in combination with the price suggestions.

What do you wish for the future of happyhotel?
Continuing the successful partnership.

Patrick Ernst

Managing Director Hotel Hanauer Hof

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