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With happyhotel you have your hotel well in control.
Analyse your PMS data and optimise prices to generate more revenue.

With happyhotel you have your hotel well in control.
Analyse your PMS data and optimise prices to generate more revenue.

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Which services and requirements should a hotel software have nowadays?

For the planning of a hotel, the hotelier needs different key figures and requirements to work efficiently:

Today, a software in the hotel industry should have easily understandable processes and a logical, structured design. A modern user interface not only eases the work with the hotel software, but also simply gives a nicer impression.

Practical user-friendliness is also important. After all, a hotelier has little time during his work to familiarise himself with highly complex topics. Reports are a great way to control and manage your own figures. This way, discrepancies can be detected within a few seconds.

A basic requirement of any tool is also the support behind it. The software provider scores with customer-friendly, fast service and support.

What does a modern hotel software need?

What makes a good and reliable hotel software and what should it offer you?

  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface
  • Easy to understand reporting
  • Cloud based system – cost saving and secure data storage
  • Open and free interfaces to other systems!
  • Monthly costs and no initial costs – no commitment

Advantages of happyhotel

This is how happyhotel supports you in your planning

Dynamic pricing

Dynamic price proposals based on revenue management.

Dashboard display

Cloud-based analysis and evaluation of occupancy, pickup, turnover, ADR and RevPar

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What does the hotel software happyhotel offer?

happyhotel has a clear user interface that allows for easy handling to achieve the desired results as quickly as possible. The interface has a modern design for ease of use and better understanding.

happyhotel is accessible via the web browser, so you can use the hotel software happyhotel on different devices. happyhotel facilitates the calculation and budgeting and thus saves the user and hotelier a lot of time and helps with price optimisation.

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how to increase the turnover in your hotel

What makes happyhotel special?

A meaningful dashboard with the most important KPI’s gives you an immediate overview of your figures. Your PMS data serves as the data basis. A hotel software only achieves a high added value if the end user knows how to use it sensibly. That’s why we offer free support to answer any questions as quickly as possible.

Increase your turnover, not your performance

More overview and better planning also improve your figures.

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Which hotel software does a hotel need for planning?

Besides happyhotel, there are numerous other programs and tools that profitably facilitate the work of a hotelier. In order to use happyhotel optimally, we recommend some important components and basics.

  • PMS – Property Management System
  • Channelmanager
  • Own hotel website for bookings
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The PMS as a basis

The basis is your PMS (Property Management System). Hotels, motels, guesthouses, hostels, resorts, Airbnb landlords and many more work with it. You need a PMS to manage and plan your entire hotel. You can see all your bookings and the data of your guests. With the occupancy schedule, you have a constant overview of the occupancy rates. With the help of the PMS, you can check your guests in and out directly and even manage the entire booking route. A PMS is really the basis of your work and also for happyhotel. In order to make the best use of happyhotel, we recommend a good PMS that you are familiar with.

Interface selection

Happyhotel offers various interfaces to connect your PMS with happyhotel. To get started with happyhotel you can start right away and do not need to have a lot of IT knowledge.

Further hotel software for your hotel

For the distribution and updating of your prices, a channel manager is suitable. With it, you can distribute and publish your prices to all your distribution channels at the same time. happyhotel offers you many other programs and interfaces that you can use as a hotelier.

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