Hotel Data Analysis:
Turnover, Occupancy, ADR or RevPar

With happyhotel you can analyse your PMS data and get direct recommendations.

With happyhotel you can analyse your PMS data and get direct recommendations.

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Data analysis for hoteliers

As a hotelier you have access to countless data about your guests and their behaviour. This data can be very useful to better understand your guests and develop future strategies.

From the PMS data and bookings a lot can be extracted. With happyhotel you have the possibility to analyse and optimise the KPIs of your hotel. Not only do you get to know the booking behaviour of your guests in more detail, but you also see your hotel data presented more beautifully than ever before! This hotel data includes:

  • RevPAR (revenue per available room)
  • Occupancy rate
  • ADR (Average Daily Rate)
  • ALOS (Average length of stay)

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Why it is important to analyse your PMS data

Only those who take a closer look at their data can recognise the booking behaviour of their guests. However, in order to recognise this behaviour in time, a high manual effort is necessary. At the same time, as a hotelier, you need to know how to carry out an accurate data analysis. Especially small and medium-sized hotels lack the necessary time or staff. And this is exactly where happyhotel helps you!

With happyhotel you can predict upcoming bookings early and have enough time to make price changes. This way you get more out of your hotel data and achieve even more turnover! happyhotel is a software that supports you in exactly this way.

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That’s why you need a revenue management system!

With the help of hotel data analysis, a lot can be read out. The analysis is an important basis for a good revenue management.

happyhotel supports you with this analysis and pulls your data from your PMS. Afterwards happyhotel analyses your hotel data automatically and gives you suitable price recommendations.

Alternatively, you have the option to completely automate your revenue management. In addition, happyhotel will adjust the price recommendations directly in your PMS.

Data-based pricing strategy for more sales

You want to be one step ahead of the competition? With happyhotel the data analysis for your pricing strategy takes little time and costs little money.

You receive important data quickly and they are easy to identify. The data is processed so that you can use it to react more effectively to changes in demand. Best of all, you don’t need any experience in data analysis and can get started straight away!

how to increase the turnover in your hotel
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Your advantages with happyhotel

Through optimal price changes, which our algorithm predicts, you can easily generate more revenue! You can react in time to high or low demand and adjust the price accordingly.

With happyhotel, data analysis is automated and reliable. You don’t need any previous knowledge and can start directly with the analysis.

  •  Increase revenue with revenue management
  •  Increase customer lifetime value
  •  Planning and calculating in advance has never been so easy!

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