More revenue for your hotel
Automate your room rates

More revenue for your hotel
Automate your room rates

Our intelligent machine learning algorithms optimally adjust your room rates. Optimize your pricing strategy based on occupancy, events and current demand.

Our intelligent machine learning algorithms optimally adjust your room rates. Optimize your pricing strategy based on occupancy, events and current demand.

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happyhotel revenue management

Price recommendations for more revenue

Market demand and prices are different for each night and room type.
happyhotel will calculate your optimal room price. Get exclusive price suggestions for your hotel based on occupancy, events, current demand and booking speed.
happyhotel calculates your demand and gives you price recommendations for your hotel with the highest RevPAR.

Revenue Increase with Revenue Management

Increase in customer lifetime value

Planning and calculating ahead has never been so easy!

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Pickup calendar as cohort analysis

With our Pickup Calendar you can see directly all your bookings. Analyze exactly for which period your guests have booked.
The calendar is dynamic and the fields can be adjusted to change the periods.

Quick control of the pickup data

Always current data

Pickup data analysis

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happyhotel Tool ADR

Analyze your PMS data

For a successful revenue management you need an overview of all your hotel data. happyhotel compares different metrics with each other and provides you with exact evaluations of pickup, ADR, RevPar, occupancy, occupancy rates and sales.
Furthermore you can display the metrics in different dimensions.
View the metrics per room category, market segment or booking channel and compare them with each other. Structured diagrams give you a quick overview.

Automated price transmission

Intelligent machine learning algorithms support you in your planning. The transfer of all prices into your PMS and CM is fully automated several times a day. Thanks to automation without much effort for you!

Fully automated price transmission

Optimized price strategy increases the profitability of your business

Price adjustments based on analytical data and not arbitrary

happyhotel Prices Revenue Management

Optimize your yield and revenue management

With the help of the right room price you can increase your profits in a short time. Learn how to read your PMS data and get more out of it. Convince yourself of happyhotel and register here directly. Do not miss out on these advantages:

15 %


90 %

Time Saved

100 %

Overview of your hotel


What is happyhotel?

happyhotel is your revenue and analysis tool in the mid-sized private hotel industry. Save yourself time-consuming calculations of room rates with calculator and excel tables. happyhotel provides you with your optimal room rates with just a few clicks based on the current and future demand! Get a clear analysis of bed occupancy, RevPAR, ADR, occupancy, bookings and turnover. Maximize your profit and not your time.

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What is important to happyhotel?

It is important to us that you can get a quick and clear overview of your figures. In doing so, happyhotel not only saves you a lot of work, but also increases the turnover for your hotel. Receive regular news from the hotel industry.

happyhotel provides you with the most important key figures you need for planning and success. This includes ADR, RevPar, occupancy rates, occupancy, pickups and turnover, which are presented to you as charts and graphics.

happyhotel supports your back office and helps you to generate prices for telephone enquiries, e-mail enquiries, group bookings and much more.

Plan not only a few days but weeks and months in advance. So you can react today how your prices should look like in a year. Create events like fairs and conferences to take them into account in your planning. You are flexible and can adjust your prices at any time depending on your workload.

happyhotel recognises early if you should adjust your prices and alerts you with price suggestions. Your data is automatically transferred to your PMS and CM on a daily basis. Get the maximum turnover for your hotel by being able to plan price-optimised from now on. Find out about our prices and offers now.

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