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How was happyhotel created?

During his final thesis, Sebastian came across a problem that many hoteliers share! How can the prices for a room be better predicted? What should the prices be based on and how can they be determined? Unfortunately, many hoteliers deal with these questions far too little! Often they just trust their feeling and look at the prices of the competition to align themselves accordingly. Sebastian was not satisfied with this and created a calculation to be able to predict prices better. Despite his lack of programming skills, he tried to set up the calculation on his own using Excel. In the next step, Marius and Rafael helped him to implement the idea technically and started programming the Revenue Management Software. In conclusion that’s how the story of happyhotel started.

How was happyhotel created?
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The founding team of happyhotel

The founding team of happyhotel

Together we can manage to build a company from a common idea. We all bring experience from start-ups, which gives us a big advantage in many situations. Rafael was the first employee at sevDesk, one of the largest accounting tools in Germany. Marius also worked at sevDesk until the beginning of 2020 and was able to gain a lot of experience there in development and automations, as well as in data analysis. Sebastian was born as a hotelier’s child to become an entrepreneur. Through his family, which still runs the Waldhotel in Eisenberg, he came to the hotel industry and lives for it! To sum up we have a lot of experience and we are willing to build a modern company.

We complement each other perfectly as a team

In conclusion we cover all areas ourselves and have start-up experience.

We are strong – together!

We are a fast-growing start-up from Offenburg. Our goal is to automate hotel management processes. The hotel industry is a large sector and internationally networked. Consequently our software is used worldwide and helps hotels to generate more revenue. As a result, using our algorithm, we automate your revenue management and provide many different analyses.

Our Team

Through our strong team and internal development, we have a great competitive advantage #team spirit

We grow together

We all believe that we can make happyhotel become big. #ThinkBig

We are strong - together!

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