how to increase the turnover in your hotel

How do I increase the turnover in my hotel – Turnover increase made simple

Increasing turnover in a hotel is probably the goal of all hoteliers. You can spend a lot of money on marketing and hope to increase occupancy.

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Revenue Manager

Will the Revenue Manager still exist in the future?

We explain what a revenue manager does and why they are one of the most important people in a hotel. But how do you become a revenue manager and what do you need? And the most important question, will this job still exist in the future?

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Top Hotel Pick Up

How do top hotels keep track of their bookings (Pickup Report)?

Many of us know the problem that we can quickly record how many new bookings came into the system via the PMS system. However, for which period and through which channel and how high the occupancy is for this period is difficult to capture.

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OTA Dependency

How dependent is my hotel on OTAs?

By now, many hotels would no longer have any bookings without OTAs (Online Travel Agency). This is because the trend is clearly moving toward independent bookings via online platforms. Why is that? And is that a bad thing? And how do I manage to establish my own booking route with my hotel? We show you how to build up your own marketing in the long term.

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hotel online marketing

Online Marketing in the hotel industry – the CPB as a measurement value

Today, every hotel manager is faced with the decision to market their hotel online. The desire for more bookings, building a network of regular guests, more conferences and individual packages drives them to the Internet. Whatever a hotelier wants to achieve, the internet offers many possibilities.

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How to start with revenue management – the revenue management guide for the hotel business

Next to the airline industry, the hotel industry is one of the strongest and longest users of revenue management. However, the origin lies in the airline industry and was adapted by the hotel industry.

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