The happyhotel team

We are a young, motivated team with a big vision. Together we want to automate and digitalise the hotel industry with our tool.

happyhotel team

Together we are the happyTeam

Our vision: We automate hotel management processes so that hoteliers can take care of their guests. Do you want to be part of it? We have interesting job offers. Be a part of the happyhotel team.

Sebastian Kuhnhardt
Sebastian Kuhnhardt Co-Founder & COO

Sebastian is the idea generator and brings the knowledge of the hotel industry into the company.

Rafael Weißmüller
Rafael Weißmüller Co-Founder & CEO

Rafael is responsible for the marketing & the frontend of happyhotel.

Marius Müller
Marius Müller Co-Founder & CTO

Marius is the software developer and is responsible for all the code.

Philipp Heim
Philipp Heim Developer

Philipp is the absolute multi-talent in the development team at happyhotel. Philipp is proficient in a total of 8 programming languages.

Sascha Haiss
Sascha Haiss Customer Success Manager

Sascha takes care of happyhotel customers and has travelled in the international top hotel industry. He is AICR Receptionist of the Year 2019.

Kai Schmitt
Kai Schmitt Data Scientist

Kai is the man for our data and continues to develop our algorithm.

Tom Eisele
Tom Eisele Sales Development Representative

Tom establishes our sales processes and takes care of inbound as well as outbound leads.

Edina Kahle
Edina Kahle Onboarding / Customer Success Manager

Edina is in daily contact with our customers for the happyhotel installations.

Thomas Jörger
Thomas Jörger Backend Developer

Thomas is responsible for our interfaces & tries to increase our market with them every day

Vincent Bronner
Vincent Bronner Data Scientist

Vincent is our Data Scientist and develops the algorithm for happyhotel.

Maximilian Dollinger
Maximilian Dollinger Backend Developer

Maximilian is developing our happyhotel backend further day by day.

Ilmira Richter
Ilmira Richter Sales Manager

Ilmira is responsible for our sales and the offers.

Sarah Schimmel
Sarah Schimmel Marketing

Sarah supports us in both content and marketing activities and feeds our website with content.

Max Wolters
Max Wolters Costumer Success

Max is your first adress once you have questions with our software

Christiane Käppele
Christiane Käppele Content Manager

Christiane takes care of our content & the website.

Sebastian Fürderer
Sebastian Fürderer Frontend Developer

Sebastian developing our happyhotel frontend further day by day.

Yves Wassermann
Yves Wassermann Sales Manager

Yves is responsible for our sales and the offers therefore often the first contact person for our customers.

Marcel Müller
Marcel Müller Marketing

Marcel is responsible for our website and online marketing.


Our Team Experience

Together we are strong and each individual brings his or her strengths. Together we have a great deal of expertise from different areas, such as the hotel industry, gastronomy and the technology sector.

Together we are the happyhotel team.

We develop our software directly with our customers

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are constantly developing ourselves further and provide you with further integrations. So more and more customers can easily connect happyhotel with their PMS. Our software is not complex, we try to make the processes as simple as possible. Often less is more.

We increase the turnover of our customers

Our goal is to increase the turnover of our own hotel together with our customers. To achieve this, we work around the clock on our algorithms. With the PMS data we try to generate the price dynamically with different calculations and probability calculations. And new connections to PMS are added regularly!


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Top Hotel Pick Up

How do top hotels keep track of their bookings (Pickup Report)?

Many of us know the problem that we can quickly record how many new bookings came into the system via the PMS system. However, for which period and through which channel and how high the occupancy is for this period is difficult to capture.

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