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Sebastian Kuhnhardt
Sebastian Kuhnhardt Co-Founder & COO

Sebastian is the idea driver and brings the knowledge of the hotel industry to the company.

Rafael Weißmüller
Rafael Weißmüller Co-Founder & CEO

Rafael is responsible for the marketing & frontend of happyhotel.

Marius Müller
Marius Müller Co-Founder & CTO

Marius is the software developer and is responsible for the complete code.

Sarah Schimmel
Sarah Schimmel Marketing

Sarah supports us in content and marketing activities and fills our website with content.

Sasha Haiss
Sasha Haiss Customer Success Manager

Sascha takes care of the happyhotel customers. He has been on the road in the international top hotel industry and became AICR Receptionist of the Year 2019.

Vincent Bronner
Vincent Bronner Data Scientist

Vincent is our data scientist and develops the algorithm for happyhotel.

Philipp Heim
Philipp Heim Developer

Philipp is the absolute all-rounder in the development team at happyhotel. Philipp masters 8 programming languages in total.

Lukas Tartler
Lukas Tartler Backend Developer

Lukas is the specialist for interfaces at happyhotel and helps with the development of the backend.

Kai Schmitt
Kai Schmitt Data Scientist

Kai is the man for our data and develops our algorithm further.

Kathlyn Voss
Kathlyn Voss Co-Founder & CEO

Kathlyn is responsible for our website and online marketing.

Michael Wenk
Michael Wenk Data Scientist

Michael works in our data team and develops our algorithm further

Christiane Käppele
Christiane Käppele Content Managerin

Christiane takes care of our content & the website.

Ulrike Breyer
Ulrike Breyer Sales Managerin

Ulrike is our Sales & Business Development Manager and therefore often the first contact person for our customers.

Tom Eisele
Tom Eisele Sales Development Representative

Tom builds our sales processes and handles inbound as well as outbound leads.

About us – the team behind happyhotel

Together we can manage to build a company from a common idea. We all have experience of setting up companies, which is a great advantage in many situations. Rafael was the first employee at sevDesk, one of the largest accounting tools in Germany. Marius also worked at sevDesk until the beginning of 2020 and was able to gain a lot of experience in development, automation and data analysis. Sebastian was born as a hotelier’s child to become an entrepreneur. Through his family, who still run the Waldhotel in Eisenberg, he came into the hotel business and lives for it!

Fast & easy work

Rapidiously evisculate business markets and cooperative results. Globally leverage other high.

Create result

Rapidiously evisculate business markets and cooperative results. Globally leverage other high.

About us - the team behind happyhotel

How did the idea for happyhotel come about?

During his final thesis Sebastian came across the problem that many hoteliers share! How can the prices for overnight stays in a room be better predicted? What should the prices be based on and how can they be determined? Unfortunately, many hoteliers do not deal with these questions enough! Often they trust only on their gut feeling and look at the prices of the competition in order to orientate themselves accordingly. Sebastian was not satisfied with this and created a calculation to better predict prices. Despite his lack of programming skills, he tried to use Excel to make the calculation on his own. In the next step Marius and Rafael helped him to realize the idea technically and started programming the software.
This is what happyhotel has been dealing with from the beginning:

How can a hotelier determine his room rates?

How can you get more out of room rates?

Dozen of colors for elements

How did the idea for happyhotel come about?

We develop our software directly with our customers

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are constantly developing ourselves further and provide you with further integrations. So more and more customers can easily connect happyhotel with their PMS. Our software is not complex, we try to make the processes as simple as possible. Often less is more.

We increase the turnover of our customers

Our goal is to increase the turnover of our own hotel together with our customers. To achieve this, we work around the clock on our algorithms. With the PMS data we try to generate the price dynamically with different calculations and probability calculations. And new connections to PMS are added regularly!