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Monitor your competitors and analyse your market demand with our integrated Rate Shopper.

Monitor your competitors and analyse your market demand with our integrated Rate Shopper.

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What is a Rate Shopper?

A Rate Shopper observes your competitors and builds market data. You get valuable insights into the market demand and prices of your competitors.

This is not only very interesting, but also extremely valuable. You can follow your competitors’ pricing strategies and analyse and rank your position in the market. You can also see booking intentions in real time. At happyhotel, prices and price changes go directly into the algorithm for your prices!

This way you achieve the optimal prices on the market!

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Insights through a Rate Shopper

Analysed booking data from the OTA’s gives you the information you need. What are the prices of your competitors? How high is the regional demand? What is your competitors’ pricing strategy?

This information helps you to position yourself in the market in the best possible way.

Increase your turnover by making tactically smart pricing decisions.

It is not a question of basing your prices on the prices of your competitors in the CompSet. Instead, it is important to carefully observe what is happening in the market. In this way, you can quickly recognise, for example, if your prices for certain days are relatively too high. Depending on how your own market demand behaves, it may make sense to adjust your prices or not! 

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Where does happyhotel get the data from?

We work closely together with HQ revenue and get the daily updated prices via the API.

HQ revenue is our partner and we are in regular contact with them. With HQ revenue, different channels can be analysed. The prices of competitors can be analysed via all OTAs (Booking, HRS, etc.) and brands.

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Know the market and make better decisions

With relevant and daily updated market data you can understand the current demand situation and make better pricing decisions.

With happyhotel you get all important information at a glance. You compare current market developments with your internal data and weight the factors that influence your prices. The algorithm helps you and gives you price suggestions. But the final decision about your prices is yours!

Compare your occupancy with the total demand, follow the pricing strategies of your competitors and make strategic decisions!

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React quickly and easily

The algorithm takes into account market booking data and incorporates it into your price suggestions. This way, your prices are not only adjusted to the demand and booking behaviour of your own guests, but also take regional demand into account.

This way you optimise your prices and increase your revenue!

Increase the occupancy rate

Increase your profits by recognising high market demand in time and increasing your prices. Increase your occupancy rate by adjusting your prices to low demand. Be one step ahead of your competitors and stay on top of things!

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