Connect happyhotel and Mews

Start your revenue management with mews and happyhotel

Easily integrate your Mews account with your happyhotel and start your revenue management within seconds. To activate the interface, go to your Mews account and click on Marketplace from the navigation menu.

connect mews to happyhotel

Click on the Revenue Management section in the navigation bar and click on the See more button for happyhotel.

Click on connect. We will then link your happyhotel account with mews and integrate the interface. You can start with successful revenue management immediately. We will contact you as soon as the interface is working. The connection usually takes 1 business day. There are no fees for the interface, neither from the property management system Mews nor from happyhotel.

Successful revenue management with happyhotel and the interface to Mews

The interface from happyhotel to the PMS Mews works in real time. As soon as prices are optimized in happyhotel, they are also online in Mews. Optimized prices can be recognized by the small triangles in the Mews Commander in the rate management. As a matter of fact, the Mews Commander passes on the optimized prices directly to the respective channel manager or the Mews distributor.

the prices are optimized with Mews and happyhotel

What is Mews?

Mews is a cloud-based PMS system. Above all, Mews PMS has a modern, easy to understand user interface. The functions are clear in Mews and the operation is intuitive. Through a learning platform, hoteliers can quickly learn the necessary skills and functions.

Additionally, you can access the Mews property management system from any device. Thanks to the open API, hoteliers can quickly connect different tools. You can also find many different, useful apps in the Marketplace to connect the Mews PMS with.

Mews PMS with happyhotel

Advantages of Mews:

  • Easy to use: simple design makes working with Mews a breeze.   
  • Responsive: Guests can check in via cell phones
  • Cloud based: You don’t need a server and can start right away

Products from MEWS:

Mews Commander: the Mews Commander is the heart and main product of the Mews family. Mews Commander is a flexible, cloud-based property management system that is a powerful PMS system primarily through intelligent automation. Strengths of Mews Commander include managing bookings, group management, front-office applications, and automated payment processing.

Mews Distributor: Mews Distributor is a simple, fast booking system. You can easily integrate the Mews Distributor on your own hotel website via <html> code. Advantages of the Distributor are that it is also optimized for mobile devices. Furthermore, it offers guests real-time information of current availabilities and prices. Thus, prices optimized by a revenue management system like happyhotel are on display to the customer immediately. This way revenue management succeeds in real time!

Mews Navigator: the Mews Navigator helps to optimize the process of check-in and check-out. The guest can check-in and check-out online, saving a lot of time. Furthermore, he can fill in the check-in form directly.

Mews Operator: Reduce the waiting time in the reception with Self Check-in and increase the satisfaction of your guests. With Mews Kiosk you create a new guest experience with a modern solution. Your guests check-in independently with their reservation number, regardless of whether they did the booking by mail, phone or online.

Mews Merchant: With the Mews Merchant system, you can process payments quickly and easily.

Mews Marketplace: the Mews Marketplace lists all the apps that Mews interfaces with. The different integrations are divided by category in detail. Also, you will find happyhotel listed with the revenue management systems.

Need help with integration?

Contact our support! We are happy to support you with the integration and help you free of charge.

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