Revenue Management with apaleo and the integration of happyhotel uk

To link happyhotel with apaleo you do not need any help.
With just a few clicks you can synchronize the data between apaleo and happyhotel.
Now apaleo customers can start with revenue management.


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Link apaleo with happyhotel (no existing happyhotel account yet)

  • Enter the email address by which you wish to register your happyhotel account in the registration field above. Furthermore you have to enter your hotel name. Then click on “create happyhotel account”.
  • In the next step you have to enter your login data for apaleo. Click on Log in.
  • After that your happyhotel account will be created and filled with your hotel data. You are immediately in your happyhotel account.
  • Then we will send you a password by e-mail with which you can log in the next time you visit happyhotel and do revenue management with apaleo.
happyhotel account registration
Enter login data for apaleo
dashboard happyhotel apaleo uk
happyhotel account with live data

Link apaleo with happyhotel (apaleo and happyhotel account exist)

  • firstly log in to your happyhotel account
  • secondly go to Settings > Integrations > apaleo > Connect now
  • In the next step you have to enter the login data of apaleo. Then click on Log in.
  • After that your happyhotel account will receive the live data from apaleo.
  • Then you can start with Revenue Management.
happyhotel login with apaleo
Login to happyhotel
apaleo happyhotel connect revenue management uk
apaleo connect
login apaleo mit happyhotel uk
login apaleo

Pimp up your apaleo – integrate happyhotel automatically into apaleo

Connect happyhotel with apaleo. This means that you can work with happyhotel in apaleo and don’t have to switch between the two tools. You can find happyhotel in the navigation in apaleo under the section reports.

Revolutionary Pick-Up Report in the happyhotel Free Rate

Unquestionably, for every apaleo customer the combination with happyhotel is a great value. The happyhotel Pick-Up Report is a revolutionary Pick-Up Report, which every apaleo customer in the happyhotel Free Rate can easily add to his apaleo PMS. With the Pick-Up Report you can quickly see how many bookings and how much turnover has been picked on one day or for the future. Time-consuming Excel tables are therefore superfluous. The Pick-Up Report is very easy to understand and therefore has a high degree of user-friendliness.

happyhotel apaleom pickup report uk

Advantages of happyhotel

With happyhotel you can increase tomorrow’s sales today. With dynamic prices you can achieve more turnover for your hotel. Therefore, happyhotel helps you to estimate the future demand and generates price suggestions that you can use.
In addition, happyhotel provides you with analyses for all your bookings that you have never had before! The special feature: really all your data since your registration at apaleo is transmitted. So you also have an insight into your past data.

revenue management with apaleo and pricing analysis form happyhotel

What is apaleo?

The hotel software adapts to your hotel. No matter what size your hotel is, apaleo offers the ideal program for everyone. apaleo as software is also flexible for development and startup. Thanks to an API you can start right after registration. This also means that all data is completely available and you can use it for further software applications.

apaleo links all activities that occur in the hotel: In effect reservations, inventory, bookings and invoicing are all no problem and you have full controll.

With apaleo you keep a detailed overview of your inventory. Inventory Management helps you keep track of everything that belongs to your hotel. Also, rooms, parking spaces and hotel equipment can be filtered and analysed using various attributes. For example, the room number, bed types, balcony, etc.

All reservations that are made through all sales channels end up in your apaleo account. You have a clear overview of all bookings and can filter your selection with room categories. You can also manage group bookings, individual bookings and business trips easily with apaleo.

apaleo software
apaleo Software

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Do you need help with integration?

Get in touch with our support! We are happy to support you with the integration and help you free of charge. Thereafter, start your revenue management with apaleo and happyhotel.

Contact support now:

apaleo with happyhotel uk
Start now and link your apaleo account