revenue management: connect ibelsa and happyhotel

Start revenue management with ibelsa and link happyhotel

With a few clicks you can link your happyhotel account with your ibelsa account. And you can start building revenue management with ibelsa!

Revenue Management with ibelsa and happyhotel: We explain how you can analyse your ibelsa data and which advantages you have with a happyhotel account. You can link the tools yourself with this guide.

Instructions for linking happyhotel with ibelsa

1. click on the settings in the dashboard area of ibelsa, top right
2. click on Connections and on the API icon
3. if you haven’t created an API key yet, create a new key, otherwise you can skip this step
4. now you have to save the API-Key key
5. now you are almost done and have only one step left. Log in to happyhotel and enter your API-Key into the integration field. You can register or log in here and get directly to the integration page.

Rate configuration for ibelsa revenue management

To be able to use happyhotel, you need a special rate to adjust the price in ibelsa on a daily basis. To do this, you need to make the following adjustments in your ibelsa account:

In your ibelsa account, go to Settings -> Rate -> Create a new rate and create a new rate without a rate period. Then click on Split/ Copy, you can select your default rate and map it to your empty, newly created rate. Now ibelsa creates a period for each week and you can change the rate daily. With your new rate happyhotel will also work and transfer the prices.

Advantages of ibelsa with happyhotel

The advantages of happyhotel provide you and your hotel with a new added value, which you have never experienced before. You have an all-round view of all your numbers and bookings. Find out when your guests prefer to book and how long they plan their visit to your hotel in advance.

With the help of the key performance indicators (KPIs), you can make predictions about the price at which your guests are willing to book. In this way, you get more out of your pricing.

But the greatest added value lies in our algorithm, which gives you new price recommendations every day and helps you get the most out of each day. With our revenue management section, you can customise prices on a daily basis.

daily prices customised Revenue management with happyhotel

Unfortunately ibelsa does not offer you the possibility to see your KPIs like ADR, RevPar, occupancy, pickup or revenue. With happyhotel this is no problem. The two software complement each other perfectly to manage your hotel successfully. happyhotel has been working directly with ibelsa since August 2020. With happyhotel you have a modern cloud software that is very easy to use. Thus, you will also succeed with ibelsa Revenue Management.

PMS system ibelsa

ibelsa is an affordable PMS system for small and family-run hotels. The system supports you to manage your bookings in ibelsa as well as to create invoices for your accounting.

They have an open interface for other systems that you can connect to each other relatively easily.

Need help with the integration?

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