ThePaul Hotel convinces with its central location directly in Nuremberg’s city center.

Please introduce yourself briefly and tell us what makes your hotel or hosting role special.
My name is Sven Vormann, I work at dasPaul Hotel in Nuremberg as Revenue & Sales Manager. For me, the most important qualities in my role are friendliness, empathy and the ability to place our offer with the right price, at the right time, in the right place.

Did you or how did you do revenue management before you switched to happyhotel?
We worked with a consulting firm whose experts helped us find and set our prices, software supported. Unfortunately, this often meant that we had little input of our own. The annual strategy optimization meetings were handled with the help of a rather complex mathematical, rule-based construct, which included various scenarios and which were steered to the market situations.

What were the decision criteria for happyhotel?
We chose happyhotel because it offers an enormously simple and fast integration with Ibelsa and also a direct personal contact. As a result, our new revenue management was quickly set up and we have been working intensively with the software since the first day. The transparent price structure and the really favorable offer in comparison to the market are then a super bonus.

What does the dynamic pricing process look like NOW for you guys?
Easier, faster, with a greater overview and more functional to boot.

Which features of happyhotel do you not want to miss anymore?
Accept and reject prices
Easy customization of the pricing strategy with optional manual input
The direct and immediate transmission of all prices to Ibelsa
The very functional analysis
The processing of my ideas and wishes in happyhotel

How has your average workday changed since integrating happyhotel?
I need significantly less time for revenue management. Where before it took me several hours a day, I now spend only about half an hour a day.

What is the best thing about happyhotel? Which feature saves you the most time? (1-2 sentences)
Clearly, the “accept and reject prices” function. However, I also use the manual overwriting of prices, either on a single day or for a period at once, very often.

Have you already made a recognizable additional turnover and if so, by what percentage have you been able to increase your turnover through happyhotel?
Due to the current Corona situation, additional turnover is not happening, but thanks to happyhotel, we are maintaining our most possible turnover and have thus been able to prevent a price collapse. My assessment is that we can immediately generate additional turnover in normal operations, as we have been able to maintain a solid base. 

What are your personal tips for future happyhotel users?
As a hotelier, you should position yourself broadly and not be afraid to tackle new markets. What may have been a business hotel before can now sell longer stays.
Calculate your upper and lower price limits (POG – PUG), observe the market and stay innovative – go a new way and try happyhotel! 
Get involved with it and use it optimally for your hotel and bring your experience to the innovative happyhotel, this is otherwise possible with few revenue management providers.
Regardless, for aparthotels AirBnb is also an interesting connection, or also something more specialized; Acomodeo.

What do you wish for the future of happyhotel?
We will manage more properties, a multi-property function and broader analysis would be important. It would be great to compare the individual houses with each other and of course to manage them with only one account, which happyhotel already offers. In this regard, it would also be great if you can copy the settings to the 2nd account, so you don’t have to do the setup again. 
For our business specifically, a smaller period of time for the algorithm would already be sufficient, as we do not do yielding months in advance. Therefore, newly generated suggestions would be sufficient even in smaller frequency, here happyhotel really offers a lot, which you would have to pay with other providers.

Sven Vormann

Revenue Manager of DasPaul Hotel

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