Pickup is one of the most important key figures in the hotel industry and a significant benchmark. In addition, the speed of booking reveals how attractive your hotel is at a certain point in time. Learn everything about the pickup report and speed of booking.

Explanation – What is the definition of pickup in a hotel?

The “pickup” in the international hotel industry is a number of hotel rooms that are reserved for a specific purpose. It is the number of guests who are visiting in the context of a conference, for example. It is also the bookings that come in on one day. The booking period does not matter.

What is a hotel pickup report?

For a pickup report, the booking patterns of your customers and guests are recorded. You read out when the guests book and for which period. This is available in different versions. Unfortunately, reports are still very often entered manually using Excel lists. Which of course increases the susceptibility to errors.
Here is a common Excel list, as it is used in many hotels.

Pickup in Excel Template

Here you can download the Excel.

Why is the pickup important?

The pickup is an important key figure, because it shows you how the booking behaviour of your guests is. You can see at a very early stage at which point in time your hotel is fully booked and the corresponding turnover. If you recognise this early, you can react accordingly. For example, you can advertise a low occupancy rate more and generate more bookings. Or you recognise a popular booking period. Then you can raise the price for this period to generate more sales.

What does the speed of booking have to do with the Pickup Report?

The speed of booking is a relatively easy way to determine the demand for a particular period. This is often the case when events or trade fairs take place. As soon as events are announced in a region, this can have an effect on the speed of booking. Therefore, use the happyhotel calendar. Here you can see at an early stage which events are taking place in your region. Holiday periods of the federal state are standardised in the calendar. In addition, you can enter individual events, fairs, concerts or events manually. In this way, you take the dates into account in your price calculation.

Monthly view pickup report

How can you use the pickup report with happyhotel?

To create your own individual report for your hotel, you only need to follow a few steps. Within seconds you can link your PMS with happyhotel. Then all your data will end up in our tool. Above all, you can also take a closer look at your data from the past, as it will also be imported.

You can register here for free and immediately link your PMS system with happyhotel. Under the integration page we have listed all our interfaces, if your PMS is not listed, just contact us. We try to build the interfaces in such a way that you can load your data from the PMS system into happyhotel in just a few minutes. The pickup report is automatically displayed under -> Analysis -> Pickup Report.

Pickup Report Filter



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As you can see, the pickup report is an important tool to get an overview of all your figures. You can read from it whether your hotel has a high or low occupancy rate. And you can do this well in advance – because the figures are future-based. This allows you to intervene in your rates in time to generate more turnover from the bookings.

Therefore, it is recommended to take a closer look at the pickup report every day. Thanks to appropriate tools, such as happyhotel, you have the possibility to analyse the figures from the PMS accordingly.