How important is future-proof hotel room furnishing to potential guests? This basic question should be answered before deciding on a new room design, because changing guest needs have a major impact on hotel occupancy. However, requirements for the design and features of a hotel room also depend on the respective target group and the type of stay. A business traveller has different demands than an individual traveller. Furthermore, the financial means for the conversion, the quality of the furniture, time-saving hygiene work and the maintenance of the rooms have an additional influence on the subsequent redesign.

Hotel room furnishing – a valuable turnover factor
Special features & trends in hotel room furnishing
Cost-saving hotel room furnishing
What are the main trends in hotel room furnishing?
High-quality furnishings for more longevity

Hotel room furnishing – a valuable turnover factor

The hotel room furnishing is one of the decisive unique selling points of a hotel. It depends on individual comfort and the changing need for luxury. The ideas of a modern room furnishing differ from target group to target group. It depends on the age, the origin, the willingness to pay and the purpose of the stay. Depending on the target group to which you have adapted your hotel concept, individual decision-making characteristics will result. Always be aware that you earn your monthly income by selling these very rooms. This makes the relevance of the hotel room furnishings even clearer. Therefore, plan room furnishings that are sustainable in the long term!

Furnishing for your hotel room

Special features & trends in hotel room furnishing

The hotel room furnishings of the future are based on trends and special features of interior design. Anyone who follows the topic knows that today’s hotel rooms are already very different from the design of previous years. Many people define luxury completely differently today than they did 20 years ago. Those who couldn’t get colourful, playful or rustic enough in the past now love simplicity, clear lines and shapes. The luxury of simplicity is returning to the rooms. Sustainability, high-quality details and the connection between nature and living space are flowing into one another and have a major influence on the design concept of living spaces.

Cost-saving hotel room furnishings

The harmony between the wishes and ideas of guests, the inclusion of trends and personal basic conditions such as price, longevity and care must be reconciled. This is often not easy, but careful planning usually pays off – because guests appreciate the modernisation efforts of hotel owners. In addition, the willingness to pay increases significantly at the sight of well thought-out interior design. Incidentally, the room furnishings should also be reviewed at regular intervals on the cost side. In the past, hotel room furnishings always included a separate telephone, but for many guests it is superfluous nowadays. Their own smartphone is perfectly adequate for making phone calls. Lighting design also offers potential for savings. Switching to LED has a positive effect on the hotel’s energy costs.

The currently widespread trends include sustainability, a clear line in the furnishing style, as well as technology. Smart home should not only be present in one’s own four walls. Hotels can also tie in with trends from home when travelling and integrate today’s technologies. Whereas radios were once used, today small loudspeaker boxes in the room can be controlled with the help of Bluetooth.
In addition to furnishings, room design is particularly important. Depending on the colour scheme of the rooms, they awaken different senses and emotions. So get advice on which colours are pleasant in bedrooms and trigger a positive mood.

High-quality furnishings for greater longevity

When choosing your hotel room furnishings, you should always keep in mind that the furniture and objects should not only look good, but also have a long service life. Because of the constant use, easy-care furniture is also more convenient for your staff to clean and maintain. After all, no guest wants worn-out furniture!


What should an owner or tenant look for when furnishing their hotel rooms? The room furnishing should be planned as a common thread in the design concept of the hotel. It is an important success factor in the hotel business – if not the decisive one! Future trends and the wishes of the respective target group play a decisive role. Before investing in a new room design for the future, it is therefore advisable to seek comprehensive advice from architects, craftsmen and technicians. Take advantage of the opportunities and redesign your future-proof hotel room furnishings according to the wishes of your guests.